VACC A Grade Certified
VIC Roads
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34 Westwood Drive Ravenhall 3023

Monday - Friday (8AM - 6PM)

Logbook Servicing

  • Ravenhall Automotive Services can perform your Log Book Service without affecting your statutory warranty
  • We Stamp your Log Book as a record of service
  • Only Quality Parts and Oils Used
  • Mechanics are fully qualified
  • VACC Critical Safety Check

Free VACC Roadside Assist conditions apply

EFI Servicing & repairs using the latest cleaning equipment & diagnostic Computers.

VACC Critical Safety Check


We can help make sure that your vehicle you drive is as safe as possible. To receive a free inspection of your vehicles key safety features TYRES. BRAKES, STEERING & SUSPENSION, LIGHTS & RESTRAITS.

Book a service today. And when you do, you’ll receive a free Critical Safety Check.

We are based in Ravenhall, but also offer reliable car service and repairs for residents of Sunshine, Deer Park, Derrimut, Caroline Springs, Burnside and the surrounding areas. Call us on 03 8361 7779 to booking.

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